Meet The Guys

Steeltown Mike

Mike had the honor of being born in the Steel City but the misfortune of being born in June of 1977. Therefore, he is too young to remember the first four Steelers' Superbowl Championships, the Pirates' World Series Championships, a smog-bourne pink sky, Elvis at any size, McCarthyism, or the Cleveland Browns.

OK, that last one's just wishful thinking.

After a 6+ year "hiatus" in Chicagoland (working a job to pay off college loans, etc), Mike has returned to Western PA (near New Stanton) to pursue a career in radio, striving to become the first competent Pittsburgh sports call-in talk show host. Mike enjoys community theatre (because he knows more about sports than anyone he performs with), converting his girlfriend to Steelerdom, and listening to Cub fans whine (because he was at least ALIVE when his team last won the World Series).

The rumor that he bleeds black and gold is false, though one of his favorite t-shirts vehemently touts it as truth.

Visit his blog: "Steeltown Sports"