Meet The Guys

The Shwag

The Shwag was supposedly born somewhere in the coal mining hills and "hollers" of West Virginia. The exact origin of his birth is not exactly known. There have been some rumors about some meteor crashing into a hippie commune, but no one can know for sure.

While being a faithful and devoted fan of our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers, his true passion, however, is for college sports. Some of his earliest sports experiences were sitting in Beaver Stadium with his old man and listening to 'Old Jack Fleming call West Virginia games on the radio. It was intoxicating, as would be, his own college experiences at his beloved alma mater of West Virginia University.

There are certain foundations that the Shwag adheres to. The pillars are as follows:

In the real world, the Shwag's secret lair lies somewhere in the swamps of the suburbs of Jersey. He is married and toils away at a career in sales. When college football season rolls around though, the Shwag and his trusty sidekick Goose, may be found in the blue lot, still bitching about that blocked punt in 96.