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No Limit

Born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh nearly 40 weeks to the day following the Pittsburgh Steelers first Super Bowl on January 12, 1975, No Limit is afraid to ask his parents what exactly happened that night. But it's pretty damn certain that the old man put one through the uprights that fateful night. Maybe it's karma that feeds his out-of-control obsession with Pittsburgh sports, but no one can know for sure.

Although No Limit now resides in Chicago, he had a lifetime of sports experiences in the 21 years that he spent growing up in the 'burgh... from his youthful days of listening on 1020 to a drunk Mike Lange berate Steiggy before bedtime, and watching Chuck Noll run, run, pass, and punt his way through the 80's... to his mid-teens when Barry Bonds was leading the Bucos to the promised land every September, and Mario Lemieux was carrying the Pens to two Stanley Championships... to his college years at Carnegie Mellon where he had the unbelievable experience of attending the '96 AFC Championship game (by far the best sporting event he's ever seen in person), and then forged his devotion to his home town by tattooing the Steelers logo on his arm.

No Limit has a passion, and that passion is Pittsburgh sports. It's a passion that he wants to share with many other fans that feel that same way, and it's one of the main reasons that he helped to found this website. If there is one thing that he wants you to take away from your burghsportsguys.com experience, it's that it only takes money, and not talent, to be a writer for a website.