Meet The Guys

Iron Monkey

Vital Stats: Born - in the mid-60's, Rochester, NY

Pittsburgh affiliation: Lived in Hampton Township (Allison Park) from '69 thru the summer of '80.

First Pittsburgh Sports Memory: Roberto Clemente's death

First Steeler Memory: Immaculate Reception, and my dad, the Cheesehead, grumbling that it was an illegal play.

First Pirate Memory: Going to Pirate games at 3 Rivers

First Penguin Memory: Pierre Larouche scoring, while listening on my Radio Shack stuffed raccoon radio... "he shoots and scores!!! Great Balls of Fire!!"

Baseball playing experience: all-star little league infielder until the age of 12. Got a little shy in the batters box after my coach drilled me in the kidneys twice in one practice.

Football playing experience: with pads, none.

Hockey playing experience: that would require putting on ice skatesŠ I was a damn good floor hockey player, though.

Other sports experience: high school swimming, tennis, cross country and water polo, collegiate club and men's open water polo, currently a referee and collegiate women's water polo club coach. Coached 7-year-old co-ed soccer for one season.

Family info: fourth of five kids, third of four boys. Father of a boy and girl, married, for now.

Homestead info: Madison, WI, since I came to school here for college in 1985.

Areas of specialization relevant to this site: Steelers, cooking, home-brewing