Meet The Guys

The Shwag

The Shwag was supposedly born somewhere in the coal mining hills and "hollers" of West Virginia. The exact origin of his birth is not exactly known. There have been some rumors about some meteor crashing into a hippie commune, but no one can know for sure.

The Stoosh

One of the only burghsportsguys.com staffers that is not a native of the Pittsburgh area, Stoosh hails from the booming lakeside metropolis of Erie, Pennsylvania. A lifelong sports fan, it was the call of higher education, plus an extended exposure to lake fumes that brought Stoosh to southwest Pennsylvania in August of 1994, and he's graced the Pittsburgh area with his presence ever since.

Steeltown Mike

Mike had the honor of being born in the Steel City but the misfortune of being born in June of 1977. Therefore, he is too young to remember the first four Steelers' Superbowl Championships, the Pirates' World Series Championships, a smog-bourne pink sky, Elvis at any size, McCarthyism, or the Cleveland Browns.

Iron Monkey

Vital Stats: Born - in the mid-60's, Rochester, NY

Pittsburgh affiliation: Lived in Hampton Township (Allison Park) from '69 thru the summer of '80.

The Fallsman

Like many of today's population, The Fallsman is a product of divorce, which ironically, is the best thing that could have ever happened to him. First, his father moved to Pittsburgh where he later introduced the then-Fallsboy to the Pirates, Steelers and Penguins, and second, he lived with his mother where he avoided the routine search warrants and FBI questioning that followed his father around.

No Limit

Born in the suburbs of Pittsburgh nearly 40 weeks to the day following the Pittsburgh Steelers first Super Bowl on January 12, 1975, No Limit is afraid to ask his parents what exactly happened that night. But it's pretty damn certain that the old man put one through the uprights that fateful night. Maybe it's karma that feeds his out-of-control obsession with Pittsburgh sports, but no one can know for sure.